Artist Profile – Sean Hennessey

Sean Hennessey is a Sculptor, Painter, blogger, propmaker and installation artist. A graduate of Berea College, Sean worked in professional theatre for 10 years prior to establishing Scenic Artisans, a decorative paint and sculpture business, all the while creating and exhibiting paintings, sculptures and installations.

His current work uses a combination of glass,
concrete, found objects, and steel to create works based on mythologies, philosophy, personal experiences, and whimsy.

Sean creates pieces that have the feel of archaeological finds, as if messages from today have been uncovered in some not too distant future. The earthiness of the concrete in his pieces suggests age and patina, slightly covering and obscuring his glass reliefs. He equates the glass with ethereality and the concrete as a corporeal coating. His work touches on issues of overcoming in everyday life–judging yourself and being judged by others, finding and maintaining inspiration, and dealing with dreams and hopes that may conflict with our reality.

You can preview Sean’s work at Artomatic.

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