Artist Profile – Krissy Downing

Surrealist painter, Krissy Downing began making her mark at the ripe age of two when she pilfered a black, indelible marker from her uncle’s pen box and drew about 80 bunnies with bellybuttons all over his freshly remodeled bathroom. Although this didn’t bring the immediate praise and fame she’d expected she continued to plug away, honing her craft of absurd renderings of ridiculous figures tirelessly into adulthood.

In the summer of 2003, the Seattle native left home to start a new path in DC and ventured away from the comfortable confines of pencil on paper to experiment with oil paint on large canvases, pushing the boundaries of perspective with dynamic portraits of intensely abstracted figures and their hijinks.

Krissy received her college degrees in music composition and audio engineering and plays electric violin for the local gothic americana band, American Sinner. She attributes a great deal of her approach to the visual aesthetic, composition and motivic flow in her paintings to the same rules and methods employed when creating a balanced, colorful and alluring work of music.

You can get a preview of Krissy’s work at Artomatic on the 1st floor in space 128.

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