Artist Profile – Devon Rowland

Born in Wisconsin, Devon Rowland lived in the Netherlands, Italy, and England before moving to Maryland. Unable to stay in one place for long, Devon attended College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine before settling back down in Maryland where she currently works as a full time photographer.

A self-taught artist, Devon’s travels around the world were the biggest contribution to her artistic education. Years before she considered picking up an SLR, Devon was exposed to many different styles of art from many different artists across the globe. Much as she groaned about being dragged through museum after museum, these experiences provided Devon with a rich visual library of ideas and perspectives to draw on for her own work. Though she dabbled in many art forms, it wasn’t until a camera found its way into her hands that Devon was able to truly capture her unique view of the world.

Currently you’ll find Devon photographing anything she can get her lens on, from newborns to fire performers, weddings to faerie festivals. The main theme in Devon’s work is people, but wandering around a new city with camera in hand is one of her favorite ways to spend a weekend.

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