Artlibs! show call for entries

ARTLIBS – Call for Artists Metro DC Artists
June 18 – August 10, 2012
Arts/Harmony Hall Regional Center
10701 Livingston Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744

(adjective) local artists will help (verb) a story through their art. The catch is that the (noun -pl) will not know what the story is. The artists will only receive a type of word to illustrate. The artworks will complete the (noun) with the help of viewer’s interpretations. The (adjective) stories the visitors create will all be included as part of the (noun). In this way the exhibit will continue to (verb) (adverb).

If you are interested in being considered for participation, please fill out the following information (or compose an email containing all the following information) and include a mid-sized jpg image illustrating the type of work you would like to submit no later than March 30 at 5pm via email to Please name your sample image with your name.

Artists selected to participate will be notified by April 16 with their “word type”. Artists are encouraged to make a new work for the show illustrating their assigned “word type” (ie noun, verb, adjective, etc). Submitted work can be no larger than 20” x 24” and no smaller than 8” x 10” (including framing). More details will be available when the notifi cations are made.

You can download the entry form online at: art-libs-intro-flyer-v2

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