Another Show Teaser


Remember the reception is this Saturday July 21 from 3-5 pm.


Nice write up for the show

We received a nice write up about the show in the Sentinel. Check it out!

Show Teaser

The show looks great!!! Come and see for yourself! There is a lot of wonderful work from some amazing artists in the DMV (and Chicago) area.

ArtLibs rececption Reschedule for July 21

We survived the storm and power has been restored to the area so we rescheduled the reception for Saturday July 21 at 3-5pm.

Todays reception is Postponed

Due to the extreme weather the area got last night – Haromy Hall is  does not have power and the venue is closed. Today’s scheduled reception is going to be rescheduled.

Reception This Saturday June 30th!

Hope to see everyone come out for the ArtLibs reception this Saturday June 30th from 3-5pm!

Artlibs is open!


The show is up and looks great. When you come and check it out make sure to fill in your own artlib and share it.

ArtLibs Curator’s Statement

(adjective) local artists will help (verb) a story through their art. The catch is that the (noun -pl) will not know what the story is. The artists will only receive a type of word to illustrate. The artworks will complete the (noun) with the help of viewer’s interpretations. The (adjective) stories the visitors create will all be included as part of the (noun). In this way the exhibit will continue to (verb) (adverb).

This show has been in my head for several years. The idea came to me while thinking of ways to make art shows more interactive with the public and have fun with it. I believe art is for everyone and that the viewer should be able to be involved with the art in some way. I thought this is a great way to combine everything together.

The artists who are participating in the show really had no idea what they were in for. They were all assigned word types – but had no idea about the stories they were going to be incorporated into. Just like a classic game of mad libs. The stories were kept under wraps!

The idea of the show is for the artists and the public to complete the story with how they are interpreting the artwork. The fun of mad libs are how ridiculous the final stories are so we hope viewers will play along and leave their completed mad libs on the story wall for others to get a chuckle. The show will grow as the stories get left. We are not making easy – so we are not including titles of the artworks.

I am overjoyed seeing the show come together. I wrote the stories, so filling them in as I was seeing the artwork come in made me laugh. Getting to work with so many talented artists in the area is an added bonus, The DC area has such an amazing pool of artists and it’s great to see them play along!